Never Climb a Ladder to Put Up Holiday Lights Again

Offering custom lighting installation service in Martinsville and Greenwood, IN

Do you dread putting up and taking down holiday lights every year? Trash Can Rescue, LLC has the solution. You can get permanent lighting you can control from your phone. We'll install Gemstone Lights to the underside of your roof soffit or trim for a clean layout.

You won't have to worry about falling off your ladder to string lights again. Call us today at 317-961-7969 to schedule your light installation in Martinsville or Greenwood, IN.

Create fun displays with Gemstone Lights

Trash Can Rescue only uses Gemstone Lights because of the convenience you receive. They're smart lights you control with your phone.

You can create custom lighting designs with:

  • Unique color patterns for the holidays
  • Premade animation settings for fun
  • Warm, cool or bright white options

Create the perfect atmosphere with just a tap of your phone. Reach out to us to learn more about our custom lighting services.